Upcoming Events

  • Spring 2018 Group Mixer
    • When: TBA, January
    • Where: TBA
  • Spring 2018 Panel Discussion for Undergraduate /Graduate Students
    • When: TBA
    • Where: TBA
  • Spring 2018 Fund-raising Event: Bake Sale
    • When: February 12th and 13th
    • Where: TBA
  • Spring 2018 Women In Math Seminars
    • 1st WIMS
      • Speaker: Dr. Natalia Komarova (UC Irvine)
      • When:  TBA, Wednesday, March 7th, 2018
      • Where: TBA
    • 2nd WIMS
      • Speaker: Dr. Andrea Bertozzi (UCLA)
      • When: TBA, Wednesday, April 11th, 2018
      • Where: TBA

* Free Bread and coffee will be provided.

  •  TWIMS 2018 (Texas Women in Mathematics Symposium)
    • When: TBA, October
    • Where: University of Houston

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